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Sweet Hollywood understands that wedding pictures are a cherished keepsake, passed down through generations, and the only commemoration of the thousands of hours and pounds spent to plan one of the most important days of your life. Other than the choice of a spouse, the choice of the Asian wedding photographers is one of the most important wedding-related decision you will make, and is not to be taken lightly. However Sweet Hollywood has complied a list of some of the best Asian Wedding Photographers in the UK so please take a look at our selected Asian Wedding Photographers and feel free to visit their website by clicking on the logos.


Swarn Media Logo

Swarn Media / Asian Wedding Photographers

Established in 1978, Swarn Media is a family firm with over three decades’ experience in capturing the essence of our clients’ most important occasions and asian weddings. Creative Director Rav Bhogal ensures Swarn Media remains at the leading edge of contemporary imagery. Using the most up-to-date, professional equipment, our highly-trained team will provide you with a discreet, bespoke service designed around you, your venue and your day.  If you would like to find out more about Swarn Media for your wedding, engagement of function..


Sheraz K Photography / Asian Wedding Photographer

Sheraz Khawaja Photograpgy  has a reputation of creating stunning visuals of your asian wedding day which you can cherish forever . Sheraz is an enthused individual who thrives on collecting memorabilia in a beautiful story.  Furthermore he aim to capture the essence of the moment and takes time to understand your expectations and strive to exceed them. If you would like to find out more about Sheraz Khawaja Photograpgy  for your asian wedding, engagement of function..

J Dhillon

J Dhillon Photography  / Asian Wedding Photographer

Asian Wedding Photography is an art-form in itself. J Dhillon is an indian photographer who as become renowned for crafting the most beautiful Asian events into the most stunning photographic memories. Renowned as an artistic Asian wedding photographer inside and outside of the UK, J Dhillon’s Photography is complementary of every glimpse of your special day, capturing of the best of your most spectacular of moments. Asian Weddings are his passion. If you would like to find out more about J Dhillon Photography  for your wedding, engagement of function..


Eye Jogia

Eye Jogia Photography Asian Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography by Asian Wedding Photographers and Indian Wedding Photographers, Eye Jogia Photography by Sanjay and Roshni Jogia, specialise in Asian Wedding Photography and Indian Wedding Photography in a photojournalistic and artistic fashion style covering the whole of Europe, USA, and Africa. They also capture beautiful Non-Asian weddings including Christian Wedding Photography in Greater London and the South East of England. They are a highly experienced Asian Wedding Photographers in Hindu Weddings, Punjabi and Sikh Weddings, Muslim and Ismaili Wedding ceremonies. If you would like to find out more about Eye Jogia Photography  for your wedding, engagement of function.


HS Photography / Asian Wedding Photographer

HS Photography is a team of two brothers, the ‘Bafta Award’ winning ‘Indi Hans’ and Anil Sakaria. They are dedicated Asian wedding photographers that aim to provide those natural ‘moment’ shots that capture the memories of your special day. Together they bring years of inspired experience and dedication to detail. They strongly believe in delivering your memories from your moments on your Special day. If you would like to find out more about HS Photography for your wedding, engagement of function.




F5 Photography Asian Wedding Photographer

Rahul Khona is an Asian Wedding Photographer who shoots documentary style photography. Being an Asian wedding photographer, from London, he has had the privilege of being part of some amazing life stories and weddings. Rahul  loves the art of storytelling through photography, from the gorgeous bridal dress, the big hug from mum and dad, the kiss, the tears, the smiles, the first dance all frozen in time. If you would like to find out more about F5 Photography for your wedding, engagement of function.


Salshan Photography

Salshan Photography Asian Wedding Photographer

Your memories of ¬†the wedding are perhaps some of our most treasured possessions and Salshan Photography¬†ensure your memories of this amazing day will never fade.¬†This is an investment in preserving the story of your special day for you, your family, your children and grandchildren… a beautiful narrative and collection that you will look back on and feel proud to share.¬†If you would like to find out more about Salshan Photography for your wedding, engagement of function..


muse motion pictures

Muse Motion Pictures Asian Wedding Photographer

Muse Motion Pictures are team of artists who specialise in capturing intimate details and emotions. The tears and laughter are fleeting moments, which are woven together by tell a very special story ‚Äď your wedding day!¬†The crew consist of photographers, film makers, retouchers and editors ‚Äď all working in their distinct area of expertise to deliver your priceless memories.¬†If you would like to find out more about Muse Motion ¬†Pictures for your wedding, engagement of function..


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