2 Feb
Top Eight Longest Celebrity Marriages

They say that it is hard for a marriage to last, even more so, if it’s a celebrity marriage. Fame, money, beauty and distant relationships all have a toll on a sparkly couple. But there are some examples of two celebs that have endured all the difficulties that a marriage brings with it, let alone a marriage of two stars. With our celebrity wedding cakes in mind Sweet Hollywood select a  few shining couples that made it through time. They give us proof and hope that true love and long-lasting relationships are really possible, despite all the pitfalls that come with celebrity. Because after all, we all long to find that significant other and it is good to know that he or she can be found.

#1 – Denzel Washington & Paulette Pearson Washington

This couple have been married for 30 years now, since they were married in 1983. They are both actors and have four children together. They met in 1977 on set, working together for the movie “Wilma” and it took Washington 3 proposals to finally get her to say “yes”, Pearson recently said.


#2 – Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

This popular couple have been married for 25 years, since 1988. They also met on a movie set and have raised two sons of their own and Tom’s two children from his first marriage. About their marriage Hanks says that he just got lucky, as marriage is about winning the lottery!



#3 – Kurt Rassell & Goldie Hawn

Well, they are not married but they deserve a place in this list. They are an example of a non-married long lasting couple. They too met on set and have been a couple since 1984 – that’s almost 30 years. They have raised four children, three being from previous marriages and one of their own. She says about him: “I think Kurt’s an extraordinary person. I love being with him and I love our family and I love our family life.”


#4 – Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick

A beautiful and loving couple that have been married for 25 years now. They have two children together and are going strong. They haven’t kept a secret of their admiration and love for each other through the years.


#5 – Michael J. Fox & Tracy Pollan

Tracy and Michael met on set and got married in 1988. They have four children and despite Michael’s Parkinson’s disease, they are still supporting each other through difficulties and happy times.



#6 – John Travolta & Kelly Preston

They have been married since 1991 – 22 years – and have been through extremely rough times together, losing one of their two children, their son in 2009. In 2010 a baby boy came into their lives.


#7 – Warren Beatty & Annette Benning

No matter the age difference, this couple has found each other. They were married in 1992, so their marriage has already lasted for 21 years. Although many people didn’t believe that they would succeed in their marriage, they have proven them completely wrong by having a happy family with 4 kids.



#8 – Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith

Here’s a couple that continuously go through rough times, but they always seem to find a way to keep holding on and loving each other. They have a daughter together and Griffith has two other children from previous marriages. They have been married since 1996, so have been married almost for 18 years.