4 Feb
Sweet Hollywood Wedding Cake Trailer – Must Watch


Sweet Hollywood present “The Tower Of Love” a fabulous six superior sized tiered bespoke wedding cake that stood six foot tall in this trailer @ Thistle Heathrow. We incorporated personalized initials on the middle tapered waist tier for that personal touch. The bespoke cake was beautifully finished off with fresh flowers and presented on our unique floating wedding cake table, which wowed the guests and was filmed by Asian Wedding Video and photographer Swarn Media.

The custom wedding cake table was made from clear reinforced acrylic and gave the impression that the cake was floating in mid air. If that was not enough we had a custom acrylic infinity pool made that sat on the table along with an acrylic cube, which was the stand for the cake and sat within the pool. This gave the impression the cake was floating on water and together with floating candles the whole presentation was magical.

The cake itself was moist and delicious and we incorporated different flavours in each tier along with a hidden golden coin which gave one of our lucky guests a pleasant surprise as well as a bottle of Champagne for their find.

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