13 Feb
My big fat £15MILLION Wedding | Inside 2015 Most Lavish Ceremony

My big fat £15MILLION wedding: Hinduja tycoon and his designer bride marry in stunning Bollywood ceremony complete with entertainment from J-Lo and Nicole Scherzinger

  • Tycoon from one of Britain’s wealthiest families weds long-term sweetheart
  • £15million wedding bill included more than £1million for J-Lo and Nicole
  • 16,000 said to have attended wedding events, which started last week
  • 208 privately chartered planes understood to have landed at airport 
  • Top spec BMWs flown in from Mumbai to transport the guests 
  • The grand setting was used as a location in Jame Bond film Octopussy

London based Luxury Wedding Cake company Sweet Hollywood have seen a few lavish Asian weddings in our time, however this is on another level and we thought we would share the news with our followers. An Indian billionaire from one of Britain’s wealthiest families has married his long-term sweetheart in a lavish three-day wedding said to have cost £15million – complete with performances from Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Scherzinger.

But when your family’s worth £11.9billion, who needs to worry about cost?

Fifty-year-old Sanjay Hinduja wed Anu Mahtani in one of the most exclusive hotels in the Indian city of Udaipur, Jagmandir Island Palace – which keen-eyed Bond fans may recognise from the film Octopussy.

In one of the most stunning weddings ever held in a country famed for its Bollywood spectaculars, cuisine from at least 16 countries was served to 16,000 delighted guests in a week-long celebration of the union.

Manish Malhotra

No expense spared: Sanjay Hinduja and Anu Mahtani – pictured here with designer Manish Malhotra – have treated guests to an amazing three-day extravaganza


Selfie: Jennifer Lopez was performing at the wedding, which is said to cost almost £15million


Expensive: Nicole Scherzinger – here with designer and bride’s sister Nandita Mahtani – was also on hand to perform: both women charge around $1million for private events

Sweet Hollywood found The event brought together some of the world’s richest and most powerful people: 208 privately-chartered planes are said to have landed at the airport in the run-up – so many, they couldn’t find anywhere to park. The Rajasthan Patrika has estimated the cost of the wedding at 100 crore rupees – the equivalent of almost £15million. J-Lo alone is likely to have accounted for around £650,000 of that: her price for performing at private events hovers around the $1million mark. And then there was the cost of her room: it is said she was staying in a luxurious £3,000-a-night suite.  J-Lo is also said to have been at the wedding with her reported ex, backing dancer Caspar Smart. Nicole Scherzinger – who performed alongside Bollywood stars Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer SinghRead on the first of the three days, according to the Economic Times – will also not have come cheap. Her price for performing outside of America is said to hover between £375,000 and £650,000.

The Jagmandir Island Palace

Luxurious: The Jagmandir Island Palace, the setting for the glamorous wedding

Bollywood stars

Famous: The wedding’s guests were said to be some of India’s most famous socialites, as well as Bollywood stars. Shilpa Shetty, Preity Zinta, Manish Malhotra, Sophie Choudry and Raveena Tandon pose


Chill out: The bride takes a minute to relax from the busy wedding preparations in this Instagram snap. It is thought 16,000 people have attended the many events held around the main wedding, while 800 attended during the three-day celebration. Prominent guest included London-based billionaire Vedanta Chief Anil Aggarwal, son of Lakshmi Mittal Aditya Mittal, while the President of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson was also on the guest list. Once people arrived in Udaipur, they were chauffeured around in an elite fleet of top class BMWs, specially flown in from Mumbai. In order to reach their glamorous hotel, 14 fully decorated boats were laid on.


Outifits: There were some stunning clothes on display in the pictures of the wedding shared on Instagram. Manish with his friend, Ambika


Highlight: J-Lo performed on the last night – and, from pictures posted on Instagram by impressed guests, seems to have changed outfits at least one


Opulent: The stunning Jagmandir was built on an island in Lake Pichola, in northern India

the dress code was traditional Indian, and guests were treated to folk music on arrival – before the star performers took to the stage to treat them to hits like J-Lo’s Until It Beats No More. It is rumoured the bride’s make up was done by Mac’s director of make up artistry for India, Mickey Contractor. However, this wasn’t the only event thrown to celebrate the marriage. It is understood two other parties were held the week before – possibly to accommodate the sheer number of guests. It all kicked off with a party at the Taj Mahal Palace, in Mumbai, last Friday welcoming the ‘who’s who’ of Bollywood – including Madhuri Dixit, Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff, according to Yahoo India.


  • £15million: The amount spent on the week-long celebrations
  • £650,000: The average fee for a performance by J-Lo
  • £375,000 to £650,000: The reported cost for Nicole Scherzinger’s performance
  • £3,000: The per night pricetag of the Kohinoor Suite, of The Oberoi Udaivilas, where J-Lo reportedly stayed
  • £2,000: The cost per hour for private jets hired by guests
  • £30,000: Top BMW of the fleet used to chauffeur guests
  • £11,000: The starting price for exclusive bridal gowns
  • £5,000: The price for a wedding suit from designer Manish Malhotra
  • £3,000: The cost of getting your make up done by MAC’s Mickey Contractor



Changes: You needed a lot of outfits to get through three days of celebrations. Pictured here: Preity Zinta, Deanne Pandey and Rashmi Nigam


Rocked: Jennifer Lopez’s performance obviously impressed – Twitter user Yash Sharma said she ‘rocked’


Stunning: Nicole performed alongside a number of well-known Indian celebrities. Pictured here with actress Sophie Choudry

Dress code: Guests were told to wear traditional Indian clothing. Pictured: Nicole wearing a sari


Boats: Guests are said to have taken specially decorated boats to arrive at the island palace



 It is the classic rags-to-riches story – a family which started a small business in Mumbai just over a century ago, and is now said to be worth £11.9billion.

The Hinduja brothers built their empire from humble beginnings in the Indian subcontinent and came top of Britain’s rich list in 2015.

The family business was started by father Parmanand, in 1914 when he arrived in Mumbai, or Bombay as it was then, to learn the art of commerce and founded the Hinduja Company.

Just five years later, he had expanded abroad, moving operations to Iran where the company remained until the overthrow of the Shah in 1979.

Known in their native India as the Fab Four, all of the brothers are teetotal and vegetarian. Sri and Gopi moved to London, third brother, Prakash, lives in Geneva and the fourth, Ashok, remains in Mumbai. Sri – who is also known as SP – took over control of the global company following the death of his father in 1971.

Over the years, the family have not been without their share of controversy.

Following a £1million donation towards the ‘Faith Zone’ in the Millenium Dome, it transpired that Peter Madelson had speeded up Sri’s application for a British passport, forcing him to resign.

In another incident, the brothers were accused of accepting kickbacks from now defunct Swedish Bofors Company as part of a deal to buy guns – an allegation flatly denied by the family and thrown out by Delhi High Court.

The family’s Ashok Leyland company caused controversy when it announced it was selling army vehicles to the Sudan army, claiming they were not for military use.

Comedian and campaigner Mark Thomas claimed it contravened UK arms export legislation but a report he filmed for Newsnight was pulled after the claims were disputed by lawyers for the family.

The family remain one of the most powerful in world business with former President Bill Clinton and many British politicians, counted as friends

They have shared their extraordinary wealth by funding scholarships, hospitals and charitable foundations.


stunning: Manish with actress Raakhee Tandon, best known for her role in popuar sitcom Hum Paanch

Beautiful: The outfits worn during the three-day wedding must have been a significant cost all by themselves. Designer Manish with actresses Sophie Choudry and Raveena Tandon

Couture: Actress Preity Zinta in one of Manish’s beautifully designed dresses


Giggle: Actors Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and Sankay Kapoor make faces for the camera at the wedding


Happy couple: Sanjay Hinduja married Anu Mahtani – pictured here in Mayfair – after a long-term romance

Sanjay is the son of Hinduja Group of Companies co-chairman Gopichand Hinduja – or GP, as he is known in business circles. This is his first marriage and the second for his bride Anu, who has a 20-year-old son from her first. Anu is the daughter of Indu and Manu Mahtani and the older sister of fashion designer Nandita Mahtani. Manu made his fortune in frozen seafood, while Indu is described as ‘a homemaker’. But it is Nandita – the designer behind Ananya, which sister Anu helps run – who has the high profile. Nandita was married to Mumbai socialite Sunjay Kapoor, who runs one of the biggest automobile plants in India.  But the marriage ended badly, according to reports, and he announced his engagement to his second wife just 10 days afterwards. But she has found love again: this time with Bollywood star Dino Morea. Youngest brother Bharhat, meanwhile, married in 2010 and is was appointed as an additional director for his father’s company in 2013.


Bright: Not to be outdone, Nicole also shared a selfie – this time with her Twitter followers


Gorgeous: The beautiful setting impressed even well-travelled celebrities like Nicole